Criminal Law

No one likes facing possible jail or prison time. North Carolina takes crime seriously, which means one wrong move and you could be facing time away from everything that you love and enjoy. Our office provides experienced representation for those charged with a crime. We understand the concept of innocent until proven guilty. From small petty crimes, to misdemeanors, to low level felonies, you can trust Piedmont Eastern Litigation to represent your best interest.

Family Law

Family Law involves complex legal aspects that most people may overlook. When facing a divorce, one must take into consideration every aspect. Family Law includes Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony, Post Separation Support, Equitable Distribution, Adoption, Pre/Postnuptial Agreements, Separation Agreements, and so much more. Without the knowledge of an experienced family law attorney, you may pass up on the opportunity to enforce certain benefits you are entitled to.  Give us a call today for help navigating the complex path of Family Law.

Traffic Law & General Litigation

If you think you need help with any other legal need, we can probably help. Not only do we handle criminal, family and traffic tickets, but we also handle a variety of other matters as well. We have experience in professional licensure defense, estate law, civil litigation, and a variety of other legal topics. Give us a call and we will be glad to discuss any matter you may have. We also offer a de-bundled service to assist in preparing paperwork for filing for pro se litigants. We would love to assist any legal needs.                      (919) 438-2911

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"Cody and his office staff were timely to respond to my call for assistance. He explained to me my options very well prior to the court date and followed through with the process to resolve my case. I will definitely keep him in mind for any future legal dealings that I may have."

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